Thank You! Open Books 501c(3) Fundraiser has been a Success!

We have lots of interesting and reasonably priced used titles and are open every day from noon until 5pm. Drop in, browse our stacks, and buy massive quantities of books! All proceeds from book sales at Open Books go to support the Prison Book Project that mails books to Florida inmates on request.

Open Books Bookstore and Prison Book Project is a non-profit business, but we are not currently a 501c(3) organization as determined by the IRS. Because of this status, we cannot get grants from many funding sources who require 501c(3) status for recipients. Thanks to the generosity of our community, our GoFundMe project has raised the money we need to apply for 501c(3) status. Thank you!

If you would like to volunteer at Open Books, consider coming to our weekly book packing night, Wednesdays, 6-8 pm. We are also seeking additional volunteers for two regular shifts  and intermittent fill-in shifts when regular staff is sick or can’t work at the store. If you would like to join our happy collective and volunteer at Open Books, please contact us (850-453-6774 or email us).

Open Books features artwork by local artists on our walls.  During November and December, our artist is Carter J, King of  Portrait Artists.  If you are an artist, have quality work ready to hang, and would like to have an exhibit at Open Books, contact Doug Craft.

Open Books Bookstore & Prison Book Project, 1040 N Guillemard St, Pensacola FL 32501, 850-453-6774
Photo of Open Books Bookstore in Pensacola, Florida.

We mail books on request to inmates in Florida correctional institutions, and have an open invitation Book Packing every Wednesday night at the store.  During a typical month, our volunteers pack and mail around 150 packages of books to inmates at a cost of $500 to $550. We welcome your donations of money, time, and clean used books. We always seem to need paperback dictionaries and thesauri. You can donate money to Open Books using the orange DONATE button to the right.

Open Books also hosts a wide variety of cultural events, including lectures, art openings and exhibitions, plays, musical performances, films, poetry and book readings, and neighborhood festivals. All of these activities are open to the public and many are free to the community. Contact us to discuss and schedule your event, and check our calendar for upcoming events. If you are on Facebook, drop by our profile and “Like us.”

Logo for Open Books Bookstore and Prison Book Project, a non-profit used book store located in Pensacola, Florida
Our new logo!