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Reopening Open Books

By Hana Frenette, 2014-08-27

Open Books has opened their doors once again. The independent, volunteer-run store has changed locations a handful of times and hosted a myriad of dedicated workers since its opening years ago. The current location on Guillemard Street downtown has been closed since the flooding that took place in April and finally re-opened their doors on June 8. However, three months off the grid really put the store behind as far as responding to inmate requests for their Prison Book Project and garnering donations used to purchase postage to mail the requested books.

“Our store was nearly destroyed in the recent floods, and we lost approximately one-third of our stock or roughly 3,000 books,” Scott Satterwhite, a long-time volunteer of the store, said.

Satterwhite has been volunteering and working with prison book donations for over 10 years. He became involved because he wanted to help those who were disenfranchised and alienated from the community.


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