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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you sell new books?

We do occasionally, but not that often. We are primarily a used bookstore and have functioned as such for the past two decades.


I am a local author. Do you sell books on consignment?


We do sell books on consignment, but we ask the authors to keep up with the sales themselves. Our preference is to always have a book signing and reading of any of our authors, especially local authors. This benefits both us and the authors.


Do you have a database that would let people know what books you have?

No. You can ask over the phone, but the best thing to do is to come to the store and check for yourself. Even if we don't have the book you're looking for, you might find something else that you like even better.


How are your books arranged?

Our books are arranged by section, and depending on the size of the section, they are sometimes alphabetized. Fiction and poetry are always alphabetized, along with a few other sections. Fiction and literature are by far our largest sections.


Do you sell poetry?

Of course. In fact, we have arguably the best poetry section in the city.


What sections do you have in the book store?

We have just about every section that any other book store has. Although our mission is different, in reality, we are a standard used bookstore with a great selection.


Are you affiliated with the other Open Books in other cities?

No. While we support them and love those bookstores, we are not affiliated. That said, they seem like great people.


Is your prison book program affiliated with other prison book programs across the country?

No. Most prison book projects are independent of each other, but all essentially have the same mission. We often work together in various ways, and support each other however we can. Anyone who does this work knows that this work is tough but important. Therefore, we support them and they support us. While we are independent, we are all in the same boat.

How can prisoners request books?

Visit our page How to Request Books for Prisoners.

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