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Pensacola nonprofit packs books for Florida prisoners each week

TROY MOON | TMOON@PNJ.COM | 2:14 pm EDT May 5, 2017

The pickers are picking. The packers are packing. And within days, about 100 inmates in prisons across Florida will receive books from Pensacola.

Each week, volunteers meet at the Open Books bookstore to send books to inmates across the state. The Open Books Prison Book Project sends about 200 books a week — two per inmate — to prisoners who request them.

Letters are read, and then the "pickers" pull books from the shelf and deliver them to a backroom where "packers" put the books in large envelopes, affix the address and seal them up.

"We want to help improve the lives of those in prison,'' said Johnny Ardis, Open Books volunteer coordinator. "Most of them will be getting out some day, and we want to help them be better people when they get out and come back to their communities."


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